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Great service, home upgrade. Highly recommended.

Lily R.

Awesome system!!! Water softener and reverse osmosis system!! MAJOR upgrade to our home water system. Soap lathers up nicely, water tastes great (just like bottled water)!! You actually feel clean after a shower, not all dry and nasty like it used to be. We got it installed by Home Water Services because their prices were the best!! Less than half of the other $7,000 quotes we were getting. Highly recommended and excellent service! Thank you guys so much!

Sal T

So many companies out there try to scare you and lie to you about El Paso water being unsafe! What I liked about HWS is that their sales tactic was not on fear but on facts. They provided a presentation on the benefits of soft water and provided quick and reliable customer service and installation.

Becky S

My wife and I are in love with our new whole house reverse osmosis system!

Jason C.

My water taste better with the use of these filters that I am able to buy at a better price then I can buy at the two other hardware stores in the city they have educated me in that type of filters switch helps my water heater in the long run

William M

Great customer service I was just wanted to mend a hand not for free advice

Billy G