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Don’t let hard water ruin your day. Learn more about our water purification systems online or call (915) 881-3238 today!

Water Treatment Systems for Your Home

No one likes the taste of bad drinking water. Clean, pure water not only tastes better but is also essential to your health. That’s why you need quality water softeners and other water treatment systems to eliminate poor-tasting and harmful contaminants. 

Home Water Services provides water softener services in El Paso and the surrounding areas so you can have quality water for drinking, cleaning, and other everyday needs. The water filtration systems we use, including reverse osmosis systems, ensure your water is free of harmful substances that can jeopardize your or your family’s health. 

Don’t let hard water ruin your day. Learn more about our water purification systems online or call (915) 881-3238 today!

Who Are We?

Home Water Services has been in business for over 25 years, providing our clients with the highest quality water softener systems in El Paso and the surrounding areas. We rely on our qualified technicians and leading water treatment equipment to provide our customers with the best service possible. And with the support of our parent company, Industrial Water Services, an international water treatment equipment manufacturer, no other competitor comes close.

Our Services

With our effective water softeners and purification systems in El Paso, you can expect a fast and effective improvement in your water quality.

Our water treatment systems include:

Water Softeners

HWS offers water softeners and water conditioners:

Whole Home Water Softeners

This water softener system can treat an entire house’s water system.   

Salt-Free Scale Inhibitor

Control or eliminate scale buildup for better cooling and heating water flow.

Reverse Osmosis

This filtering technology removes 95% to 99% of contamination through its pressurized and semi-permeable membrane.

Water Filtration

Are you tired of dirty and brown water? Our HWS team has a full range of water filtration products, from small point-of-use filters to whole home backwashing media units.

Water Dispensers

Eliminate heavy equipment by installing a dispenser that will treat its own water. 

Leak Detection

Don’t let a leak cause significant damage to your drinking water. Our HWS experts can install Streamlabs, a water monitoring and leak detection system that automatically shuts off your water to prevent further damage.

Specialty Filters

If you need water filtration in El Paso, we offer two solutions that can control or even remove the most stubborn contaminants:

Alkaline Water

Our HWS alkaline cartridges have been proven to provide nothing but the highest quality alkaline drinking water.

Arsenic Removal

Unfortunately, many areas around the Southwest have arsenic in their drinking water systems. We carry a complete line of point-of-use and whole-home options for effective and long-lasting arsenic removal.

Who We Help

Our Home Water Services team understands that our community wants reliable water purification systems that keep their everyday water supply clean and safe. That’s why we strive to give our customers peace of mind by offering nothing but the best.

Many of our customers are homeowners and families looking for an affordable way to keep their water clean and healthy. Our water softener systems and other filtration services ensure every customer gets the advice, service, and equipment they need at a reasonable price.

Speak with a representative today to learn more about our El Paso water filtration services!

Areas Served

As a Southwest-based provider of water purification systems, we are dedicated to delivering treatments, filters, and other water treatment systems in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

Communities we serve are:


Emergency Assistance

Why Choose Us

Here at Home Water Services, we understand that having clean and healthy water isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Rather than drinking contaminated water, turn to our water filtration services that won’t just make your water clean but also refreshing.

Our certified technicians are licensed by the state of Texas and have decades of combined experience, allowing us to provide exceptional service to our customers. Home Water Services offers 24/7 emergency assistance. Our water treatment services are both fast and convenient. Each product we offer is a leading solution for water softening and purification. And since we want to ensure our customers get the best of the best no matter what, you can expect fair pricing for our water softeners, filtration systems, and more. 


Hear what our customers have to say about Home Water Services:

“Once I was ready to install a water softener system in my home, I called around companies in the Sun City to see who I wanted to do business with. When Home Water Services made their consultation visit, I immediately knew this was the company I was going to do business with. Extremely knowledgeable, quality product, well-priced. Installation was done to perfection. I highly recommend HWS!”

Alejandro Navarro

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If you and your family are coping with poor-tasting, low-quality water, hire our experienced and dedicated professionals at Home Water Services. Our team is ready to help you and your family enjoy clean and refreshing drinking water.

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