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When you want the best, call HWS. Whole home water softeners and drinking/purification water systems.

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Why Call HWS?

Are you tired of ugly scale deposits on your shower heads, sinks glasses, kitchen utensils?  Do you enjoy the smell of chlorine and other unwanted minerals in your drinking water?  Are you ready to fix all of these problems?

Give HWS a call for the best quality whole home water softeners, drinking water systems and purification systems available.

HWS has been in business for over 25 years providing the absolute best quality whole home water softeners and drinking water systems.  We rely on qualified technicians and acquiring the leading equipment available.

HWS has a team of certified and licensed professionals ready and willing to assist you with with your hard water and bad tastes associated with it.

Then top all of this with the support of a large, international water treatment equipment manufacturer of our parent company, Industrial Water Services, no other competitor comes close.


HWS covers every area of your water treatment needs

Why Choose Us

Here is are a few small reasons to choose HWS


Professional Staff

We do not believe in a pushy and aggressive sales approach.  All our staff will treat you with courtesy and respect.


Quality Products

We refuse to settle for mediocre products.  HWS is the only Kenai Dealer in the region.  The best water softeners and drinking water systems.


Certified Technicians

All of our installers are certified to do all aspects of water treatment.


Fair Prices

Just because we are the best and carry nothing but the best doesn’t mean we have to charge the most.  Let us show you how we have the best prices around.


24 / 7 Services

Have an emergency with one of our systems or even one of our competitors?  No worries, when you call us, we can support you anytime.


Best Services

With our best in the business service team you will never have to wait long for a qualified technician to solve your water issues.


Great service, home upgrade. Highly recommended.

Lily R.

My water tastes great with the use of these filters....

William M.

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