Water Filtration

Don’t Let Hard Water Ruin Your Day

Water Filtration in El Paso

Drinking Water That is Safe and Healthy

If you are experiencing dirty and unpleasant-tasting water in your El Paso home or your fixtures are getting clogged with sand and sediment, it is important to find an effective solution. Luckily, Home Water Services provides water filtration and softener treatments that guarantee healthier and tastier drinking water.

Home Water Services is a Southwestern water filter supplier dedicated to providing our customers with a noticeable difference in water quality. We offer a full range of El Paso water filtration and softener services, from small point-of-use filters to whole home backwashing media units.

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Benefits of Water Filtration

Having clean water can lead to considerable improvements in your health. A few of the many benefits of installing water filtration systems in El Paso include:

Lowers your chances of getting sick – 70% of our bodies are made up of water, and we need nutrients from clean drinking water to stay healthy and fight possible infections.

Prevents contamination while cooking – Effective drinking water systems keep your food from contamination.

Saves you money – A water filtration system can prolong your pipes’ longevity by keeping them safe from hard water damage. The same applies to the quality of appliances and utilities that require water.

Reduces your plastic footprint – Using our water softener systems, you increase your use of clean tap water instead of relying on plastic water bottles, thus helping the environment.

Why You Need It

Getting clean water in your home shouldn’t be a hassle. With our El Paso water filtration services, you and your family will see and feel the difference in your water. After we install your new water treatment system, you’ll be surprised at the increase in your water’s quality.

Types of Filtration Systems

Our Home Water Services staff offers various filtration systems perfect for your water treatment needs. Effective filters include:

Reverse Osmosis Systems – These systems can pressurize water molecules through a residue-catching filter, eliminating numerous harmful substances before they can even reach the tap.

Ion Exchange –  Systems, such as whole home water softeners, utilize ion exchange technology, which exchanges ions to prevent hard water.

Activated Carbon – Using a carbon filter that can absorb harmful minerals will detoxify your water.

Ultraviolet Light – In this system, eco-friendly UV frequencies are used to eliminate biological contaminants.  

Why Choose Our Water Filtration Experts

As a local water treatment company, we are dedicated to ensuring that your home or business can have a clean, healthy water supply with the right water filtration system.

Our El Paso water filtration experts apply decades of combined experience and the latest advancements and technology in the industry to rid your water supply of dirt, hard water buildup, and other contaminants. We are prepared for any unique situation you may have and offer low-cost services with high-quality results. 

Along with our other water treatment services, such as reverse osmosis systems, alkaline water systems, salt-free scale inhibitors, and more, you can enjoy plenty of healthy and well-pressurized water for years to come.

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Don’t settle for hard or contaminated water. Our water specialists are ready to provide you with treatment and filters that deliver only the best quality water available.

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