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Arsenic Removal in El Paso

Filter Your Water Properly

Testing your water is essential in ensuring it is safe to use and drink. The city of El Paso is known for its drinking water safety. However, residents should check their water for potential substances that can be harmful, such as arsenic. 

With the help of our water treatment experts, you can detect if your water supply contains arsenic and have it removed promptly with arsenic water filters to avoid lifelong health problems. Our staff is here to provide the solutions you need to stay on top of water safety and quality.

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What is Arsenic?

Inorganic arsenic is a highly toxic carcinogen that can be found all over the world. Components of arsenic can also be found in water and the air, with contaminated water being used unknowingly for drinking or food growth/preparation. If undetected and untreated, people exposed to this substance can suffer from arsenic poisoning and long-term health effects.

What Are the Effects?

Arsenic poisoning is a serious matter that affects thousands of people all over the world. Side effects from exposure to contaminated water or food can lead to severe or fatal health conditions, such as:

How is Arsenic Removed?

With arsenic contamination posing such serious health consequences, it’s essential to contact a Home Water Service professional immediately to discuss one of our options for arsenic removal in El Paso.

Arsenic water filters positioned at or near the starting point of your water source can reduce or eliminate contamination on an atomic level. One way to reduce arsenic levels is to install a reverse osmosis system. This water filtration system is designed to pressurize water molecules within the pipe while preventing contaminants and other minerals from coming through. 

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Why Home Water Services Is for You

You deserve the best arsenic removal services in El Paso to eliminate any arsenic contamination as soon as possible. Our professionals are dedicated to protecting you and your family with accurate testing and effective arsenic water treatments. We can remove the arsenic from your water supply quickly and efficiently, ensuring you have safe and healthy drinking water.

With water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis, whole home water softeners, and other specialty filters to choose from, we can find the right solution for your household. And unlike our competitors, we don’t sacrifice quality when we offer our low-priced products. You can receive the water treatment you need with arsenic removal. 

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If you want to know if your water contains arsenic and how to best remove it, contact our Home Water Services staff to learn more about our arsenic water treatments. We uphold the City of El Paso’s dedication to safe and healthy water for its residents. You and your family can enjoy clean drinking water with our expertise and water filtration technology.

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