Whole Home Water Softeners

Don’t Let Hard Water Ruin Your Day

Whole Home Water Softeners in El Paso

Does your home’s water supply not look or taste the way it should? Are you tired of the build-up on your faucets? This could be the result of an underperforming water filtration system. Luckily, you can receive high-quality water instantly with the help of an effective whole home water softener.

Home Water Services specializes in eliminating unwanted minerals with our home water softeners. With water treatment systems. such as reverse osmosis and salt-free scale inhibitors, we guarantee a substantial improvement in your water’s quality.

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What is a Whole Home Water Softener?

A whole home water softener is a water treatment system designed to attack the hard water build-ups created by calcium and magnesium. It can be installed at the earliest point of your water line, which may be in your garage, storage room, or even outside.

What Does a Softener Remove?

Our El Paso whole home water softeners can filter your incoming hard water supply. The water softener system’s tank contains a filter screen made up of negatively charged anion resin beads. Since the calcium, iron, and magnesium within hard water are positively charged, the resin beads will attract the hard water’s ions and exchange them with soft minerals while the water passes through the filter. Without excessive amounts of these elements, the water will soften and pass through your pipes without depositing the hard minerals.


Our customers are amazed by what our whole home water softeners have done for their water quality. The difference can felt when taking a shower or washing your hands and seen with the lack of buildup on faucets.

Is It Necessary for Your Home?

Hard water doesn’t just affect your drinking water; it can affect your entire home. Appliances and other elements of your home that require water, such as dishwashers, laundry machines, coffee makers, and your shower, will lose their efficiency due to hard water deposits in your pipes and in the household equipment. Without the use of a whole home water softener, these buildups can lead to decreased efficiency in your appliances and lower life expectancy from your appliances. 

Types of Water Filtration Equipment

Depending on your specific needs, there are various kinds of water filtration systems that are effective against the hard water you’re experiencing. Popular water softener systems to choose from include:

Water Softener
A water softener traps calcium and magnesium and exchanges it with soft minerals.  

Salt-Free Scale Inhibitor 
This salt-free, eco-friendly option neutralizes unwanted minerals rather than trapping them inside the softener tank.

Reverse Osmosis 
This system blocks water-hardening substances with a membrane film designed to only allow water particles into your pipes.

Why Choose Home Water Services?

If you’re experiencing issues with your water pressure or quality, contact the experts at Home Water Services. We have been helping our fellow Southwestern residents with their water treatment needs since 2014 and have grown to become the leading company for whole home water softeners in El Paso and the surrounding areas.

With Home Water Services, you can expect professional care and products to keep hard water from forming for years to come. We want to make sure you have exactly what you need and will answer any questions you may have during and outside of your consultation. You won’t have to worry about poor water quality again.

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Hard water can cause problems, but with our whole home water softeners, you can protect your water pressure, quality, and bills quickly and efficiently. Our Home Water Services experts are ready to install effective treatment technology so you can always enjoy clean and healthy water.

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