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Water Dispensers in El Paso

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It can become a hassle to deal with heavy 5-gallon water jugs as a way to drink clean water. That is why Home Water Services is dedicated to providing you with a variety of the best water dispensers in El Paso. Whether it’s installation, maintenance, repairs, or simply needing professional advice, we are ready to help!

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Benefits of a Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are a simple and effective way to filter tap water while also being easy to clean and maintain. 

The benefits of filtered water dispensers include:

Saving money and time
Save money and hassle by having a built-in home water dispenser instead of dealing with bottled drinking water.

Peace of mind
With water dispensers, you can rest assured knowing you and your family are drinking clean, filtered water.

Reduces the need for plastic bottles
Go eco-friendly with our El Paso water dispensers by eliminating the need for bottled drinking water.

How to Maintain Your Water Dispenser

If your filtered water dispenser requires plug-ins or is connected to pipes, disconnect them to prevent leakage or electrical issues. Check any hoses or containers that supply the water to your dispenser for damage or residue that may require cleaning, repair, or replacement. Some models come with coils for temperature control, so ensure they are in good condition before cleaning them. Once you thoroughly check the hoses, containers, or coils, begin rinsing them out or cleaning them with a damp cloth.

Remember to flush out the spigot(s) by hosing and draining the water inside. That will remove any residue or blockage within the dispenser.

Our experts recommend performing maintenance on your El Paso water dispensers every six months, though, with heavy usage, we recommend every three months.

Types of Water Dispensers

To best fit your home and personal needs, Home Water Services offers many home water dispensers in El Paso to choose from, including:

Water dispenser


Best fits for small spaces and low quantity supply while offering various kinds of water (sparkling, cold, hot, regular, etc.)


A wall-mounted dispenser connects with your pipes for unlimited water.

Mains fed

Keeps your water filtered, cooled, and ready to use.

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How Often to Change Out the Filter

Though the type of filter used in your dispenser may vary, the average lifespan of a water filter is around six months. After that time, it will become less effective in filtering out impurities in the water. An expired filter can also lead to buildup inside your dispenser, which can cause costly repairs and sometimes irreversible damage. 

Why Choose Our Experts

Home Water Services offers only the best water dispensers in El Paso. Our water treatment specialists will be able to install your new water dispenser right away, giving you clean and tasty water.

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If your home or business needs clean water, our experts are ready to help. We will not only provide you with the right water dispenser for your needs but will also give helpful tips on how to maintain your dispensing equipment.

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