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Alkaline Water in El Paso

Healthier Drinking Water That Is Better for You

More and more people are becoming conscious of what is in the water they use. Whether it’s for drinking, cleaning, bathing, or other uses, it’s no wonder that many are looking for solutions that provide clean and healthy water, one of which is alkaline water cartridges.

Home Water Services in El Paso can provide alkaline cartridges that will increase your water’s pH, resulting in various health benefits. Our water specialists can walk you through each of the advantages that come with this water purification solution and provide installation at a low cost. 

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The pH Level of Water

Regular drinking water often contains a neutral pH level of 7, which matches the amount inside your body. However, alkaline water in El Paso has higher levels of usually 8 or 9, though it can be as high as 14 due to the addition of calcium, magnesium, and a higher negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). This increased amount can help balance your pH levels if they are lower than average. Low pH levels can create more acid in your body, making you more vulnerable to disease and decreased energy levels.

Is Your Current Water Safe?

While the usual pH levels for tap water are supposed to be at 7 for neutral balance, U.S. tap water in certain areas is usually between 4.3 and 5.3. Acidic water can improve hair and skin conditions, as well as growth in plants, but it also has several negative effects due to the heavy minerals it contains. This can include digestive problems, tooth enamel, bone loss, and plumbing damage to your home.

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Why It’s Important to Your Health

What your drinking water is comprised of can significantly impact your health. If you’re looking to improve your overall health, our experts can help you determine your water’s current quality and whether switching to alkaline water is right for you.

Many customers have experienced several health benefits after switching to our El Paso alkaline water, including:

Partnered with our other water purification services in El Paso, such as reverse osmosis, you will be amazed by the improvements in your water.  With the addition of alkaline cartridges to your drinking water, you will have alkaline water at your disposal.  

Why Choose Home Water Services?

Since 2014, our experts at Home Water Services have provided our community with ways to improve their water quality through many water purification systems. Our combined experience, skills, and dedication to your satisfaction have allowed us to deliver the best professional service and technology in the water filtration industry.

By contacting our El Paso water specialists, you can expect our alkaline water cartridges to deliver drinking water with the ideal pH, providing long-lasting results.

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With Home Water Services, our alkaline cartridges provide only the highest quality alkaline drinking water in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. With long-lasting health benefits, long-lasting value, and low cost, you’ll be satisfied with what our cartridges and other water treatment systems can do for you and your household.

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