The Benefits of Alkaline Water

With the rise in illnesses and health problems, people are looking for new, easy ways to protect their health. One of the many things that people are trying is alkaline water. While alkaline water is different than purified, tap, and spring water, it has the same hydrating qualities.  Here, we will explain what exactly alkaline […]

Decoding Alkaline Water: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Do you feel as though your daily hydration could improve? If so, we recommend drinking alkaline water.  Home Water Services, located in El Paso, TX, is a professional water treatment company that provides quality water and purification systems, including alkaline water. We’re a team of certified professionals and will guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our […]

Understanding the Basics: How Does a Water Softener System Work?

Today, water softeners are necessary due to city and well water often being riddled with metals, minerals, and chemicals, resulting in “hard” water. The only way to remove these metals and minerals and make your water “soft” is by running it through a water softener system.  If you want to implement a water softener system in […]

The Basics of Reverse Osmosis: Understanding How It Works

Have you ever wondered why water tastes different when you’re drinking it straight out of the tap? That’s because during the miles of travel your water has to endure from the municipal plant to your home, it may have picked up contaminants or total dissolved solids (TDS). The best way to avoid these contaminants would […]