The Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Water Softener

Are you looking to upgrade the water system in your home? If so, then you might be interested in a whole home water softener. We will discuss the benefits of installing a water softener in your home. 

Home Water Services, located in El Paso, has over 25 years of experience in installing water systems in people’s homes. If you’re thinking of having a whole home water softener installed in your home, we’re the team to work with. Give us a call at (915) 881-3238 or contact us online for a free quote today. 

Why Your Home Should Have a Water Softener System

A whole home water softener is a system designed to attack hard water build-ups that can be created by magnesium or calcium. This water treatment system is typically installed wherever the starting point of your water line is. Our El Paso whole home water softener treatment system contains a filter screen that is made up of anion resin beads. The minerals in hard water are attracted to these beads and will then exchange for softer minerals that easily pass through the filter. Read below for more specific benefits of having a whole home water softener installed in your home. 

  • You can save money on cleaning products-
    • Soap doesn’t lather well with hard water minerals, which will force you to use more cleaning products while cleaning.
  • It can make your water heater more efficient-
    • Scale deposits will cause blockage and can cause damage to your boiler and water heater. This blockage will prevent your water heater from doing its job. 
  • It can help your skin conditions-
    • Hard water can cause inflammation in eczema and other dry skin conditions. This is due to soap scum that is left on clothes after being washed in hard water. 
  • Reduce your time cleaning-
    • Soft water will increase the efficiency of cleaning by reducing how much elbow grease you’ll have to put in. It’s hard to remove stains or dirt when cleaning with hard water. 
  • Laundry and dishes will clean better-
    • Without a whole home water softener, your clothes will become weathered, and the colors will fade. Dishes can also lose their sparkle and become less transparent. Your clothes and dishes will last much longer using a soft water system. 
  • Your food and drink will taste better-
    • Soft water is considered superior when it comes to making teas or mixed drinks. 
  • No more streaks on your car-
    • Hard water can leave a streaky residue on your car following a wash. Without an El Paso whole home water softener, the paint on your car can become damaged and have less visual impact. 
  • It can make your hair healthier-
    • A whole home water softener can remove hard water minerals from your shower that leave your hair feeling rough or tangled. 
  • It will protect your appliances-
    • Soft water can bring a long-term resolution to limescale deposits in your pipes. 

Whole Home Water Softeners in El Paso

Home Water Services, located in El Paso, offers different whole home water softeners based on your filtration preferences. If you believe any of the benefits listed above apply to you, call (915) 881-3238 to get a free quote on your next water treatment system.