The Science Behind Whole Home Water Softening Technology

Have you ever been curious about how whole home water softeners in El Paso work? It’s helpful to know how a water filtration system works before installing it in your home. 

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Let’s Talk Science

In terms of water, two kinds can be pumped into your home: hard water and soft water. Hard water is what you do not want in your pipes. Hard water contains a heavy amount of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Soft water is made up of a lesser amount of these minerals, which makes it better to consume. To make hard water soft, you have to do something about these unwanted minerals. In a whole home water softener system, the filtration swaps out the magnesium and calcium ions with sodium and potassium ions, which in turn reduces the amount of minerals in your water. 

Whole home water softeners in El Paso are typically installed on the waterline connection of your home and the water supply. The main part of the system where the magic happens is called the mineral tank. The mineral tank contains tiny beads known as resin that carry a negative charge. As mentioned previously, the minerals we want to be extracted from the water are magnesium and calcium; these carry positive charges. When hard water passes through the mineral tank, the positive ions will cling to the negative ions (the resin beads). Once these beads are filled with as many ions as they can carry, the water softener system will recharge, which is when a brine solution containing sodium ions is introduced to the mineral tank. These sodium ions force the calcium and magnesium minerals down the drain and out of the water. Now that the hard water has been softened, the water will pass through your pipes and is safe to drink and use.

Despite this whole home water softener system filtering out hard minerals, hard water isn’t toxic to drink, so no need to worry if you accidentally consume some. Hard water can, however, cause damage and clog your pipes as well as cause excess wear and tear on appliances that use water. Though it’s not toxic, hard water isn’t the best for children with eczema and can cause your hair to have an odd texture. The bottom line is that your home would benefit greatly from a whole home water softener system. 

Whole Home Water Softeners in El Paso

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