What is Happening With Local Water Sources?

December 1, 2023, marked one of the biggest water scandals in the country since the Flint, Michigan, water crisis several years back. On the morning of the 1st, Sunland Park and Santa Teresa residents were warned that their drinking water wasn’t safe. Several days of a sludgy, slimy substance dispelling from faucets, sinks, and toilets throughout the area followed. 

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The Scandal 

While water problems are not uncommon in Texas, this one was different. While a breakdown in the water treatment process resulted in potentially toxic residential water, the scandal was the fact that Camino Real Regional Utility Authority knew about the toxic water at least two days before it was reported. That means Sunland Park and Santa Teresa residents may have been drinking, washing, and otherwise using bad water. 

The Issue 

An investigation by the New Mexico Environmental Department determined that the water had an excessively high pH level. As a result, the water was more alkaline than it should be, which resulted in discoloration. In addition to being discolored, many residents also reported that their water was slimy and disgusting. When water issues such as this arise, having an El Paso drinking water system can help keep your water safe.

In addition to having bad water, residents were also forced to flush their plumbing systems by running water through them nonstop for up to an hour. As a result, they had extremely high water bills and couldn’t even use their water. 

The problem with the water boiled down to a malfunction with a chemical pump that removes arsenic from and controls the pH level of the water. Rather than turning off automatically when the water reached the appropriate pH level, the pump continued to run, resulting in dangerously high pH levels. 

The issue was unique to just one of the four treatment plants in the area, but it was enough to ruin water for days. While the pump has been shut down and the issue fixed, it’s not clear what caused it in the first place, and the investigation is ongoing. 

Where Are We Now? 

More than a month after the water scandal, there are more water issues in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa. It looks like the same issue is happening again, as testing has confirmed high pH levels in the potable water. While the pH levels aren’t high enough to cause sliminess, they are causing discoloration in the water and making it too dangerous to use. This is why installing an El Paso drinking water system on your property is essential.

This time, it was determined that the filters used in the arsenic treatment process were not being cleaned and backwashed often enough. As a result, the filters were filling with sediment and unable to do their job. Luckily, the problem has been fixed, and authorities have just reported that the pH level is back to normal and the water is safe to use. 

Install a Residential Drinking Water System in Your Home 

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